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CONST MASTER PRO TRIG - 4080 (Item# CA225)-1

Const Master Pro Trig - 4080
List Price $89.95
Your Price $24.95
Item Number CO-CA225
Manufacturer Alvin
Manufacturer Part No CA225
Construction Master Pro TrigAdvanced construction math calculator with trigonometric functions for engineering and building professionals. Determine precise angle measurements and solve the most complex design and construction math problems. Functions are built-in: stair calculations, common rafters, jack rafter key, circular key, rake-wall key. You can also quickly estimate board feet. Added features: User preferences, exponential notation, backspace to change just-entered values, constant operator, cost per unit and paperless tape to review the last 20 entries. Operate it as a standard math calculator. Comes complete with protective hard cover, easyto- follow users guide, pocket reference guide, CD ROM with English and Spanish How-To CD and user guides, long-life batteries and full one year warranty