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"e;K"e; Stye Plotter Pens

Direct Fit:Houston Instruments Plotters (HI)

Using the Adapter Sleeve 7052SLV, this pen will fit all of the following plotters:

Bruel & Kjaer Instruments 2319;

Calcomp 81 or 83 or 84, M40;

Commodore CBM8075;

Devices C. A. Acculine 901;

Digicon TDD21 or 21R;

Emis Plx88;

Gerard Researching Inc. GRI Pro Plotter;

Goerz 780, 81, SE281, SE283, SE284;

Houston Instrument DMP-29, DMP-40, DMP-41, DMP-42, DMP-51 & 51MP, DMP-52 & 52MP, DMP-55, DMP-56, DMP-61 & 61DL, DMP-62 & 62DL, DMP-63, DMP-64, DMP-65C;

IBM XY/749, XY/750, XY/751;

Mechatronika P297;

Nixdorf YX/01;

Philips PM-8151, PM-8155;

Pravetz, Rhode & Schwerz DOP;

Siemens C-1020, C-1601- C-1604, C-1613;

Soltec 281;

Tewidata 281, 284;

Zericon 3600 A/D, 3600 C/D, 4800 A/E;

Designer Series Z3000, Z4000, PC-34, PC-36;

Value Line Series PC3600, PC3610, PC3620.