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MEASURE MASTER PRO - 4020 (Item# CA223)-1

Measure Master Pro - 4020
List Price $39.95
Your Price $9.95
Item Number CO-CA223
Manufacturer Alvin
Manufacturer Part No CA223
Measure Master ProGet professional results every time with this feet-inch-fraction and metric dimensional calculator. This handy and easy-to-use tool for projects allows you to work-in and convert between dimensional formats including feet-inch-fractions, decimal feet-inch-fractions, yards, meters, centimeters and millimeters as well as areas and volumes. Built-in functions make the Measure Master Pro ideal for faster, more accurate material estimates. Quickly solve circumference, circle area and arcs. Dedicated length, width and height keys provide fast answers for area, volume, square-up and perimeter. Find weight and weight per volume and more. Includes protective hard slide cover, easy-to-follow pocket reference guidesin English and Spanish, long-life batteries and a full one-year limited warranty